About Forge


The mission of Forge is about economic development. The viability of the city’s industry is dependent upon the city’s ability to recruit, retain and train young talent. But the mission is not simply about the replacement of current workforce, it is about driving innovation and creativity that moves us forward. Topeka is not a place for those content to watch idly as others determine their fate and future. Topeka is for individuals willing to forge their own path.


The chosen name conjures instant imagery; molten steel being molded and crafted into something greater. The imagery draws great parallels to the mission of Forge, young professionals drawn together to become a part of something greater than themselves. In Topeka, young professionals are a force to be reckoned with, they are not sitting by, idly waiting their turn. When they move together -with central focus- people notice.

The imagery for Forge combines these two story arcs. An anvil is a tool used to shape raw materials and transform them for their maximum potential. The North American bison is the largest land mammal in the US, impossible to ignore. The animal as an individual is striking and impressive, but as a part of the larger group, they are unstoppable, forging forward and changing the landscape of their environment.