Four Pillars of Forge



Rosemary Dahlgren, Keith Drinkard, Lauren Edelman, Tom Hagen, Brendan Jensen, Beth Lenherr and Angel Romero

To forge today’s Topeka community and business leaders by providing leadership education, access to leadership opportunity and current leaders within organizations and throughout the region.

We promote Leadership and Personal Development by providing scholarships to attend Kansas Leadership Center workshops; conducting Generation Chats; administering life skills presentations; and offering community service opportunities to Forge members.

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Diversity & Inclusion


Pedro Concepcion, Alex Fisher Savoy, Bob Ross, Michaela Saunders and Lonnie Walker, Jr.

To create a more inclusive Topeka, we must reflect our community and be leaders in awareness, education and acceptance. We will positively affect underrepresented and marginalized groups in our area and we will make it known that we stand for equality in all forms.

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Business Development & Entrepreneurship


Conner England, Ty Hysten, Nathan Morris and Kelsey Purvis


To support and encourage the forging and growth of new and existing young professional-friendly businesses in the Topeka community.

We encourage Business and Personal Development by hosting numerous networking events: Entrepreneurs and Ale, Small Business Development efforts, support of innovative efforts in Topeka, Bring it to Topeka, etc.

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Eric Claspill, Josiah Engstrom, Bob Ross and Cody VandeVelde

To ensure young talent is welcomed, connected and appreciated in the Topeka community.

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