Topeka Flag Redesign Initiative

The Topeka flag redesign initiative is underway. Submissions will be accepted until Sep. 30, 2018.

“We hope this process leads to submissions from all ages, all corners of the community, and all levels of design experience,” said Leo Espinoza, who serves on the Forge leadership team and the flag initiative. “The final flag will be one the city will be extremely proud of.”

City of Topeka Flag Redesign Initiative

Fellow Topekans:

The Topeka flag redesign initiative is underway. In the two-month period, residents of Shawnee County had to submit flag designs for the new City of Topeka flag, the Flag Initiative received an astounding 269 flag design entries total. We’re excited to move forward with the process. Over the next two weeks, you’ll be seeing the final four designs.

All four flag design finalists will receive $875 cash prizes.

The final four designs will be taken to various community events where the public will be able to provide feedback. Additionally, if you go to, the page will soon be a place to submit feedback for the final four designs.

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The Topeka Flag Redesign Initiative Team


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Watch the July 13, 2018 presentation to Heartland Visioning